Saturday, March 31, 2012

Shakotan Celica XX: WIP's

Aaaahhh, Cali. You gotta love it at times. The sun, ocasional rain, snow in the mountains, the girls and days like today make you wish that the sun part will be around. But nooooo it's 8:30am and its foggy, gloomy and no sign of the sun yet. Not only that, but it's suppose to rain tonight! Your probably thinking, "WTF does that have to do with your Celica build??" Well for one, can't paint! It's do damn cold and humid and second, my sinus' are kicking my ass today so I officially am not enjoying the day in more than one way.

Now onto my builds, oh did I say builds?? yup, that plural. I'm currently working on 3 builds, 2 of which I'm hoping to finish for the Citrus Nationals in Riverside on May 19th. But if I keep getting days like this, I will have to enter them as WIP's.

The first one is Aoshima's Toyota Celica XX Garuchan seires. It comes with a lowered stance and some of their Kai series wheels that gives this on a semi shakotan look. I bought this kit back on 2001 at my LHS with the intentions of only using the wheels for another project I had going at the time...haha, I know I'm not the only one that does it..As of a month ago I decided to start on it. Out of the box the stance is not so low and the wheels stick out more than I like. Even if that was the intention of this kit, I personally didn't want it. So I filed away at the inner wheels arches and "rolled" the fender lips. I also lowered it some more to my liking. I started to prep the body for primer by sanding away any mold lines, deepened the panel lines and sanded the body down for the primer to grab onto it. I chose to use Aoshima's Techno Shadows wheels with Hippari tires instead of the kits SSR MKII's, well because I used them on my Shakotan 280ZX already...haha. Next, was the option to use a star shaped exhaust that comes in the new Aoshima "extra posie" sets. They are pretty much bosozoku parts and wheels in a bag.

The 2nd one is a 1967 Impala Lowrider. Hmmmm, something different, something that originally got me back into the hobby some 15 years ago. Even though I have only built one Lowrider and tinkered with a few others at the tender age of 16, I still consider this one my 2nd Lowrider build. I chose this body year do to it curves and aggressive looking front end. It's the Super Sport edition as well, so it's got some balls under the hood and I'm keeping it that way. I using AMT's Street Machine series, it has some pretty good details. Seperate frame and chassis, suspension components are not molded into the chassis and the engine is nicely detailed with some nice extra goodies. There are some down sides to the kit that I ran into and trying my best to fix. First was the bodies panels lines and details around the windows. The panel lines were deepend, one had to be made by the rear window and trunk lid, or else it would look like a lift back Impala. Around the window trims, the body was trimmed down a bit so they can stand out and not get lost when the paint goes one. The hood had some gaps all around, so styrene strips where added to fill that in enough to a more resonable gap. I decieded that I want the front end in a raked up pose, so the rear was dropped as far as possible and the front end was brought up. The front end had to be reworked in order to go in the up position. I made some tubular style A-arms and added a bit of round stock to the lower control arms to pivot them in position. I'll have to take pics of that, just noticed that I didn't do so. I went with Pegasus "D" wheels with their new stretched look tires with thin white walls. As for paint, I'll be using Testors De Ja Blue and Wet look clear gloss. Should be nice.

The 3rd one is a Toyota MarkII for an online forum contest, Stance Wars. I have absolutely no actual progress on this one. It does need work to fit the bumpers on correctly, but it's gonna be bitchin. Slammed stance and some deep offset wheels is always sexy. I am using Aoshima's Welds D1 kit. don't let the cover fool you either as it doesn't come with any D1 interior parts. Yup no gutted interior, no roll cage, hell not even the correct seats to make a replica Weld MarkII drift car. It's all cosmetic, wheels, body kit and decals give it the look of the D1 car. I have chosen to not use the decals from the kit, I'll be saving them for something else. I'm not using the wheels it comes with, I'm not even using the ones in the pictures...It's going to be a slow progress as I'm concetrating on the first 2 builds at the moment.

Here are the pics, I know FINALLY!

Thanks for stopping by. Hopefully I can have some more updates soon.

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Projects, Projects, Projects!!

PROJECTS! Everyone has them, not many want to finish them. I for one have several projects that I wish to finish. Will I ever? Do I really want to?? Well at some point yes and of course I do.....I think.

For me, the WIP is what I like most. Making parts, customizing parts from other cars to fit, painting, adding that extra detail is what makes me want to build. If I told you how many projects I have going, you would probably think Im either lazy or crazy...

Here are a couple of projects and future features of a few fellow builders currently have going.

Karl has a Tamiya Skyline R33. He is has decided to toss an engine into it and has added some sweet details

Victor has been working on a Tamiya Honda S200. He too decided to toss an engine into it and some great progress as well.

Last one, not really...Jorge. He has a Revell Datsun 510. He is slapping a Honda F20c engine into his. Talk about a go-kart with balls...

You can find all of these guys along with many other great builders on the Model Scientists forum.

Stay tuned for my current projects.

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Flushed Civic EA

With the reissue of Tamiya's Honda Civic EA, there has been several great looking builds. This is one of them. SPC forum member Win'th from Thailand has tackled this kit and added some extra flare. He cut open the hood and added a B16 with a snail big enough to swallow a baby bird. He kept the engine bay as clean and simple as possible as it is done on real project cars. Scratchbuilt intake manifold and charge pipes are just a few details that have been added. A rusty hood covers up the beastly little engine while the rest of the body is done up in white and a baby blue front lip spoiler to catch the attention of the front mount intercooler. It's rocking the ever loving BBS RS wheels with some low pro tires and some negative camber to tuck them into the wheel wells. For the interior you can notice that it has some bucket seats and a hatch bar, but thats all you get to see for the interior. Under in the rear suspension you get a peek at some aftermarket control arms and the subtle camber affect.

"model Tamiya civic ea
custom [resin] engine b16a turbo
colour type R
wheel [resin] bbs
craft square [resin]

Flush style

All pics were taken by win'th

So there you have it, thanks for stopping by.

Been A Busy With This New Project...

It has been a while since I have posted anything. Well, last week Monday my wife had our 3rd new member of the family. Maximus Emilio Aguilar is his name and is one handsome boy.

Here he is in ninja status.

Saturday, March 3, 2012

Lexus LFA: The White Pearl

I dub this one "The White Pearl" It's Tamiyas Lexus LFA built by Mark D. Jones AKA: Scale-Master. And yes, that name fits him perfectly. I can honestly say that there is no blog big enough to fit the artwork Mark brings to the table. Everything from 1/64 Hotwheels to big scale 1/16, 1/12 ect.....This man has done them all. He makes his own decals and hand makes several parts from aluminum, stainless steel, steel, brass, copper, resin and plastic, hell even crazy glue....(shocked) There is nothing(as far as I can see) that he can not do. paint jobs are also amazing.

This time around he has tackled Tamiya's new LFA kit. One of the best companies brings you this beauty that is about 99.99% flawless from what I have seen. Mark detail painted just about every single part with perfect excecution. Plenty of details that are sadly hidden by panels. The drivetrain is detailed to where it looks like the real thing. The interior looks really comfy for those moments of taking it to top speed and the carbon fiber wrapped wing and roof gives this already edgey sports car a razor sharp look.

Here are just a few progress shots of his build.


"The exhaust is called out to be assembled after being fed through the rear cross member leaving a seam to be dealt with on one of the exhaust pipes. But if you only cement the pipe together (see seam on lower pipe about a third of the way in front of the muffler) and do not cement them together just behind the catalytic converters, you can squeeze them though the cross member after fully finish painting them."

"The screens are mostly PE (except the two main rear vents, although they have little PE parts in them) and are very well done, both in look and fit. They are very delicate too, but a light touch and you’ll have no problems. The lights also fit excellently and are engineered to make installation relatively easy."

All picture are the sole property of Mark D. Jones

"This was one of the most enjoyable models I have ever built. (And I have built thousands.) Fit and engineering are superb; a highly recommendable kit. I was able to build this in less than two weeks, start to finish.
The rear wing can be displayed up or down. I like that option, but in the end I like the look of it in the down position.
I went with the flat black wheels because the silver plating looked too toy-like with this color scheme.
WIP Thread: "

I have seen several LFA builds and I gotta say, this one is by far my favorite. This brings my excitment level a bit higher for when I have to tackle this kit.

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Stay tuned for WIP's from myself and a couple of other forum members that have gotten my attention.