Thursday, June 30, 2011

Minicon 2011 IPMS-Ontario, CA

This past saturday, 6/25. there was a model show/contest , held by IPMS-Ontario division. the event was for all scales, all types. there were some great looking figures on display. along side some awesome looking military figures, planes and some sci-fi.
All though dominated by airplane, sci-fi and militarty builders, there was a small spot for cars as well. lowriders, trucks and muscle cars taking most of the space, our little imports had no chance. there were only 4 people that entered imports(myself included) myself and mario aka endlessprojects were there representing, but we are guessing/told that there either wasn't enough entries for an award or not enough awards to hand out??? don't know for sure, but we did get recognition and compliments from several builders. so, next year we hope to have a catagory of our own.
the president of IPMS did mention that this year was the most entries for car models.

See you guys(IPMS) next year.

here are a few pics, the rest are here

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Intro: Hanzel AKA old school SR

Here is another builder that catches my attention. not only is he a Toyota head like me, he has a love for other J-tin plastic. from clean hatches to get down and dirty drift bashers and rat rod style, his builds get the respect they demand! here are some examples of what he has going, has built and a bit of himself.

I'm hanzel, and I'm an auto modeller from the philippines. I've been exposed to automobiles since i was a little kid and i and my first car model when I was around 7 years old. it was a 1/32 snap kit, and it was where it all started. many years passed and I can say I developed some skills along the way but I'm still learning a lot until now.
My usual modelling interests are japanese cars, mostly the common street cars. I'm not a huge fan of building race cars and super cars. I build my car kits as how I like em.
I'm known for either of my two distinct style: the buri/boro/missile/rat look or grassroots style clean look. I like to modify the cars the way I would do them in real life. I build for fun, and not for the perfection of it, as scale modelling is a hobby and hobbies are supposed to be fun and stress free. please do enjoy some pics of my work.
allen hanzel conchas

Photos are taken by hanzel conchas.

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

DADA'S silver beauty

Just an update on my buddy from South Africa. he has completed his Datsun 510 build and boy, it's a beauty.
The attention to detail in the engine bay is just fantastic. turbo SR20, dropped, flared and SSR's....what more do you want?? a feature in a local(South Africa) magazine? well that's in the works and when it happens, you will hear about it here!

Heres a list of mods from Raees.

body: bumpers removes and flared arches added
jap metal plates
suspension: cut and changed. dropped as low as it could go.
rims: ssr mk3
interior: z tune pedals. mini racing seat, acessories
engine: scratch built engine bay, resin sr20,heat wrap,scratch coil and msd,fully wired,
metal pullys, brass exhaust

Again, these photos are property of Raees Amien. Pleas do not use with out permission.

Monday, June 20, 2011


DONE! Yes, I can finally call it done. the first completed build on 2011. I hope to have more of them done. it took quit a bit to get it where it is.
Its down low for a Cali look. it has boost for those that doubt that it can move throug traffic and the looks, well Im sure it'll turn some heads.

Kit: USAIRFIX, motorised chassis hell, curbside(no engine) body details are nice.
Mods: just about everything has been modded. bucket seats from aoshima ae86 kit, aoshima SSR MKII wheels, aoshima disc brakes, resin intercooler(modded as well) martha stewart flocking for carpet details
Scratchbuilt parts: Rear strut bar, harness bar, harness belts(using bandage tape) and exhaust
PE(photoetch) parts: hasegawa buckles for harness belts

for more pics of randomness

Monday, June 13, 2011

Getting closer??

Hello again. Well, I have been getting sidetracked again, but I still managed to do something. I took some pics of the faces of the wheels. I decided on a metallic gray for them. I also had to choose an exhaust. the stock one exits the right ride, i didn't like this very much. soo i made one coming out of the drivers side. Im going with the second design. gives it more of the look im going for. along with that, I'll be putting a hang ring on the opposite side where the exhaust is suppose to come out. it's trend out in japan. signifies rebelion and since this 280ZX is far from being legal on Cali streets, I figure it would make a nice addition.

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Intro: Raees Amien AKA dadaman

Being a model car builder, you run into many people that share the same or similar interest. Take for example, Raess, AKA dadaman on the forums. He has a passion for J-tin plastic. He has a style that can't be compared to others. He also has what we all have, an addiction to having WIP (works in progress) At the moment he has some that we share in a thread on SPC. A sick looking Datsun 510 and a 240Z.
Here is a short bio on Raees and some shots of just a few WIP's.

"Greetings :) IM Raees Amien and im am a 22 year old car nut and model builder from South Africa. ive been building models since I was 8 but in the last 6 years I have been getting into cars. But a bit about me first. I am a huge car person and have had a passion for cars since an early age. I am a lover of sketching, photography and I am a founder of R.T photography. We specialize in car photography as it is what we know best. I am also currently studying Industrial design and hope to tie this in with my passion for cars one day.
So more about my models. The model car scene in South Africa is relativly small and when I started i found it quite difficult to get it right. But after being exposed to the net and so many forums and websites I started to get more involved. With this new knowledge I started to try new things like making custom bodykits and parts. This has helped me to get to where I am today.I mainly focus on Japanese cars as they are my favourite and inspiraion comes from all over. So please do watch this space as it will updated regularly with my latest work :)

P.S the 240z is just a tease pic"

All photos are taken and owned by Raees Amien. He is the sole owner.