Saturday, September 24, 2011

Shakotan Chaser

Well, it's been a couple of weeks since I have posted anything. I haven't really been doing anything to my builds, I'm mainly packing up to move. slowly but surely it's getting there.

Just today, SPC member jakub476 post that after 3 years he finally finished his Toyota Chaser GX61. he built it just the way I like to see them, Shakotan/boso style. lowered, deep offset and nice flashy paint. although it's not to the point that it can be called boso, the license plates has the word "boso" on there. boso(bosozoku) is more extreme, flares, wild body mods and the infamous crazy exhaust pipes.

Toyota Chaser GX61 Fujimi
Finished after 3 years?!

- Paint - own mixture
- New Techno Racing TR-V rims (Aoshima)
- Japanese number plates
- Lowered suspension
- External oil cooler (Handmade)
- Sticker Techno Racing in light and Trust in doors (Fujimi)
- New exhaust pipe (Sakatsu)
- Smoked front lights
- New wheel drive and shift knob
- Rim rear light (Ka Models)

All photos were taken by member jakub476

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Good people & good things happenning...

As you might remember, my car was broken into a couple of weeks ago. well this past sunday something odd happened, again. my neighbor, the one that notified me of the broken window, came to knock on my door again. I was like, "oh no, what happened now!" but it was nothing bad at all..he hands me some money and tells me "that god told me(him) to give this to you(me)" I was like you don't have to, he said it again. it was for what happened 2 weeks ago. I was shocked, this has never happeed to me, never! I didn't know what to say, of course I said thank you, but, well, that was it. it was all I can think of saying. NOW, I am in no way a religous person. my family is Catholic, but religon is the last thing I want to talk about or discuss. so, I'm thankful for this.

Also, you might have figured out that I don't build at a fast pace. well now I won't be building at any pace..why you ask??? cause if everything goes through the fam bam and I will be moving to another home. something better, a place we can call a HOME. the neighborhood is nice and seems safe. a whole lot safer than where I'm at now. theres more space for my kids to play around and well more space for all. we get to park our cars in a garage, which makes me feel a whole lot better. this also lets me I set up my building space in the garage, which in turn means more space and well, I hope more building time too.

I'm crossing my fingers and hoping everything goes good, cause so far, things are looking better so far.

Thanks for coming around.

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Update: Ford Vicky has some paint

Well I have been a bit lazy lately. I havent been to the workdesk in a few days. we have a 3 day weekend coming up for Labor day and I certainly hope to get something done. whether it's to clean and organize my stuff or build some more?? hmmm, we'll see.

A couple of nights ago I did hit the desk for a bit. I decided to paint the body. now take into mind that this is not a rat rod or a show rod, so the paint might look a bit clean at the moment. it's all I really did.

First I laid some primer the night before. then I went ahead and sprayed some Tamiya Black(x-14) I like the Tamiy line, they are easy to use and dry quickly. so while it was drying, I grabbed my airbrush and some Alclad steel. shook it and pourd some into the jar. about 10 minutes later I shot the alclad. it came out pretty nice I think.

At the moment the paint looks like a metallic gray, but it's suppose to be the color of bare, raw steel before it gets hit with a grinder or sanding pad/disc.

Stay tuned for more, for the next update will have the body looking a bit weathered and some surface rust as well.

Thanks for stopping by.