Thursday, February 17, 2011

510 update

So i decided to paint the roll cage black, the chassis and interior wood deck tan to match the outside, some red "suns" on each door and the seats a nato brown. Almost looks like leather, but we know that these came in vinyl. Well i stopped there, because i ran out of primer to paint the other parts. I hope to get this done for an upcoming model car show in march.

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

On the MCM forum, theres a community build paying homage to Historic Race Cars. I chose to go with the Greddy/Trust LEVIN N2 race car. The kit is made by Aoshima. Nicely detailed to a point. Kit contains no engine nor pars other than a gutted interior, roll cage, bucket seats, and steering wheel that indicate that it's a race car. Not having many referece pics of the actual car, i am detailing this one to what I do have. The TRD BIBLE. It contains anything TRD make for the corollas. They have nice break down details on the parts put on these N2 race cars.

Here I am making the fender arches to how they should be as per the box picture. Wide and deep SSR MKIII's with slicks sit nicely under the chassis. The aero mirrors were found in my parts box, closely resemble the ones on the pics.

Heres the heart to this racer. Toyotas rev happy 4AG-1600. With no reference pics of the actual engine, i am making it my own. High rise, equal length headers are often used. I made mine using 1/16" silver solder. Bends with ease and have a nice color to them as well.
On the chassis, i decided not to use the supplied interior bucket. Instead i am detailing the chassis plastic to resemble a gutted interior as close as possible.
This is another creation in the making. A FERRARI 360 wide body with deep offset wheels. This is out of my comfort zone as far as models go. It's just one of many builds that I have going for 2011.

The kit is made by Tamiya. Very nicely detailed. This is for a build off on a model car forum SPC. There are others with some outstanding 360s, so i hope to make mine stand out from the others.

ok, heres an update on my datsun 510 build. got some paint on it, although far from what it's going to look like when done, im liking the shakotan look it has going on now.