Monday, July 18, 2011

"AMUSE"ing aint it......

If your in the tuner scene, then the name AMUSE will sound familiar to you. If not, well then hit that search button. not only a big thing in real life, but also in the scale world. thanks to the guys over at Jet Models for making a replica of the life size AMUSE kit for the R35 Nissan Skyline. we in the scaled world can replicate one of the top super cars of Japan.

Here is a great example of what can be done with this kit. Raees, aka DADAMAN took this kit and built an R35 that could be found in the pages of Banzai magazine or similar. this was a comissioned build for  a supplier of several aftermarket kits, including this one, Raees built it as if it were his own. he painted it in white, used carbon fiber decals in a modern day digital camoflage pattern. although AMUSE uses the stock wheels, Jet Model includes a different set of wheels. which Raess took upon himself to add a bit of lip to, giving them an aggressive staggered look. I personally think it looks as tough as nails, but don't take my word for it. here are some pics to prove it.

Raess says:
"This was a commisioned build for Team hobby. its taken a while but its finally done.
tamiya gtr
white and black colour combo
2 grades of carbon for the pattern
Jet model Amuse transkit
rims customized
tuner model lugs nuts and air valves
aftermarket decals"

pictures are sole property of Raess Amein.

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

510 Update

Another update on the 510. It has been a hot one out here in cali. Im in the san bern county, AKA the small desert. i don't like it when it gets hot, it dampens my mood to build. it's not like i can be blasting the A/C away all day, that shit gets expensive!! so i have to maintain my sanity and put up with it.

So these last few days since the last time I got some stuff done. I stripped the chrome off the grill and reprayed it with alclad chrome, figured out where I'll be mounting my oil cooler and oil filter relocator kit, and added some BMF to the tail lights, along with making an old school "wink" mirror, new radiator and intake funnel. both the radiator and funnel were shot with alclad polished aluminum. anyone that airbrushes, I totally recommend alclad paints for this type of detailing. great stuff and easy to use.

Enjoy the pics

Friday, July 1, 2011

Close to the finish line

Well, it's the first of july and it's a HOT one. So, I thought it would be good to do an update on my 510. Im getting closer to finishing this one. still need to make a couple of small things here and there, but I think i can finish it up soon.

I installed the carbs and plumbed the fuel lines, made a new roll cage, slapped some decals on the deck lid and roll cage. I painted the cage the same color as the seats this time. I'm going to weather it as well, can't have a new looking cage and decals. I also plan to make some new seat belts, these were just temps.