Thursday, February 23, 2012

The End: OS GIKEN 510

So, what do you get when you toss in an idea and sit on it?? 2 years of hard work, thats what. yup, today marks the 2 year anniversary of when i re-started this little sucker. When I first bought this kit, i didn't think it would take me this long to finish it. I bought it when it was released under the "tuner series" from Revell in 2002. at the time i had tried to fit some fujimi 15" watanabe's, i hacked away at the wheel arches to make them fit. oh man did that look stupid. so i put it away in a box. there it stayed with out an idea that it would end up like this.

I can honestly thank Jimmy aka Fujimmy. if it was not for him on making and casting the resin OS Giken TC-16 engine, this would probably still be in a box. i had thought about leaving the box stock engine, but that didn't really fuel the fire. i rebuilt the front and rear wheels wells on the chassis, modified the strut set up and went from there. this one has the most scratchbuilt parts i have ever done and several other "first timers". like the body weathering or using alclad paints. all i can really say is that im happy to have finished this even though the building part is the part i enjoyed the most.

Specs: OS 510
Kit: Revell Tuner Series
Engine: Fujimmy Casted TC-16
Wheels: Aoshima Techno Phantoms
Suspension: super low shakotan style
Scratchbuilt parts: Header, exhaust, strut arms, roll cage add ons, wheel wells, rear sway bar, water resovoier, oil filter relocation, seat belts/harness, wink mirror, induction tube, MSD 6al box, MSD ignition coil, fuel line and pump
Kit bashed parts: head lights are fog lights, outside mirrors are from an impala kit, rear under wing is from an R32 kit, ae86 roll cage main hoop, nascar gauge board, R32 front and rear brakes, ae86 modified radiator,  oil cooler from aoshima kai parts.

This is was 10 years in the making.

Thanks for stopping by, stay tuned for more builds from me coming up soon.

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

1932 Datsun Roadster, By Chuck Most

With my Datsun 510 on the waiting table for pics of the finished product, I thought that I would share this Datsun Roadster built by Chuck Most.

Datsun has an extensive automotive history. Dates far, far back. This 1932 Roadster was built by Chuck Most. A very talented and creative builder. His builds can be seen in both the "Models Car Magazine" and forum as well. I had no idea that this Roadster can look so good when tossed up with some Hot Rod inspiration. I think the name J-Rod fits this fenderless beauty. It's channeled on a 32' Ford frame model A frame that has been Z'ed up front by the engine with plastistruct. The weathering on the body, inline 6 S20 engine and the TC Mitsuya Cider give this J-Rod a Nostalgic feel. The S20 got some spark plug wires and the header got a nice used look. It's a simple looking build that has a huge wow impact.

Some info from Chuck.

"Body is a Revell Germany BMW 3/15 PS (which was built under licence to Austin- it was basically an Austin 7 copy, AND illegally copied in Japan as a Datsun, thus opening the door for this project), engine is a Fujimi Nissan S20 DOHC inline six, and the rest was coughed up by the spares box."

Now some pics, Enjoy.

Its extremely hard to find a picture of what the 32' roadster would look like stock, but i did find this 35' roadster. Its really close to these body lines of Chucks build.

There you have it, some Datsun history, sort of.

Thanks for stopping by, happy modeling.

Jakubs' V.I.P. Celsior: Black Cherry

When you hear the term VIP, you probably think of a celebrity like Donald Trump or P. Diddy..but when it comes to the automotive world, VIP has a whole different definition. Slammed to the ground on coilovers, dark tinted windows, plush interiors and some deeeep offset wheels are the way they role. Originaly these big 4 door sedans were the means of transport for Yakuza in Japan. It was meant to keep the cops from pulling them over and when one saw them pull up, they automatically knew Yakuza was around. Now a days its a very popular trend in just about every continent and you don't have be a gangster to roll in luxury.

I'm calling Jakubs' Toyota Celsior "Black Cherry". The black paint job has a bit of red flakes so it gives it a black cherry color. Its a mix of old and new school VIP. The subtle spoiler kit, some 18" with semi-deep wheels, stretched rubber and a bit of camber bring it all together just nice. The interior is a tan color and looks comfy enough to enjoy some long trips on the express lane to Tokyo.

Here are the pics. Enjoy.

Toyota Celsior UCF20 Aoshima

- Paint - own mixture black and red pearl
- New rims Altstadt (Aoshima)
- Japanese number plates
- Lowered suspension
- New exhaust pipes (Handmade)
- Stretched tires (Handmade)
- Modified rear bumper (Handmade)
- Seatbelts (Studio27, Reji, Handmade)
- Chrome rim (Ka Models)

All pics were taken by Jakub.

There you have it, some VIP goodness.

Thanks for stopping by. Happy Modeling.

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Last Pics: 510

Heres one of the last updates on the 510. There are very few details left to finish it off. Once I'm done with it, I'll be taking plenty of pics if it and passing it along to Mario of Model Scientists for a feature for his blog.

Here are the last pics before finishing it off.

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