Thursday, October 27, 2011


I have a soft spot for these little cars. when I was in high school I had a freind with a 80something Golf GTI. it didn't look as good as this, it was a bit busted actually, but it was a form of transportation and for a HS student that was good enough. we had some fun  times it that beater until the engine finally gave out. for Raees it's a bit different. being a owner of a clean VW MK1 himself he already nows what it needs to make it clean and sweet. this "quick" build, well at least it was suppose to be quick took a bit longer that it was suppose to. but like many of us in the hobby know, some things don't always go as planned or we like to take on other projects or life takes up most of the time in the day. either way, we don't finish them as fast as we wanted to in the first place.

I like this Golf, it has some character that is just subtle and mellow. it's lowered, has some stretched tires with deep offset wheels and the paint is just clean, what more would you want in a daily driver?? well thats if it was to be your daily driver. well have a look for yourself and see what you think.

Fujimi vw mk1
Tamiya gloss aluminum
Carbong fibre stripe
SSR Focus wheels with tan centre
Front head rests removed
Rear wiper and sunroof smoothed
Indicators removed
Smoked lights
Cross hairs in the front
Tan an black interior

All pics were taken by Raess Amien
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Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Rak's Tofu Runner

If you didn't know that I am an AE86 enthusiast, well now you do. going on 10 years of owning one and about 15 years of liking them. waaay before the anime series Initial D hit the commercial side of entertainment and the popularity of drifting in the US. Anyways, I'm not here to talk about me, it's about Raks Tofu runner.

It makes me happy to see someone paying attention to the details. he has detailed the chassis, engine bay, gave it the "panda" paint job and the interior resembles that of the real thing. the kit he is using is from aoshima. it's one of the best kits out there of the AE86.

Heres a reminder of where he was. 

Now heres the update as of today. weathered chassis to give it that driven, not parked look. as a bonus he has added what look to be the parking and brake lines. very nice touch. 

Here it is all in white sporting the classice Watanabe wheels.

Heres a closer look at the Wats, they are wrapped in old school Pirreli Sport tires.

Getting it ready for the "panda" paint job. which is just a 2 tone black on white. the lower portions along with the arches are painted black. 

And here it is after it's been shot with black. looks good and it a classic look for the AE.

 All pics belong to Rak.

Stay tuned for more of this one. as I said before, Rak some some great talent and it shows very well.

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Monday, October 24, 2011

IP:3 Sexy Boxes: Hakosuka

Those in the tuning world will know the name "Hakosuka" it's the name given to the Legendary Nissan Skyline KPCG-10. the word Hako means "box" and Suka is short for "skyline" in Japanese. it's racing background is what made it a legend, but it also has a underground style as well. some guys use it in a skakotan, bosozoku, kaido racer or simply restored.  
Here are some great examples of the race that I found while browsing around.

All pics were found while browsing, they are not mine.

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The Dato/Nissan Madness update

A few of the guys and myself on the SPC forum have a thread going. it's called "Dato/nissan madness, it just keep spreading" what its all about is in the title, only catch is that it can only be pre 1989 vehicles. just about anyone can join the fun. there is no time limit, it's not a build off nor is it a contest. just a few guys that like old school j-tin. in the coming year Im going to start another one dedicated to Toyotas. same rules apply and the Dato/Nissan thread.
Here is a bit of an update on what Raees and Hanzel has coming.

Raees did a bit of work on the hood. some weathering on that blue paint look great.

Pictures were taken by Raees Amein.

And it seems that Hanzel has an R30 Nissan Skyline coming out. the mock up pic looks pretty wicked.

Picture was taken by Hanzel Conchas

Stay tuned for more updates as these are just a couple of them on that thread.

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Saturday, October 22, 2011


Well the man that has several builds going on his workbench has started a new build..haha, don't we all. this time around it's the legendary Nissan Skyline KPCG10, yup a Hakosuka. although he just started, Im loving the way it's looking.

Here is what he has so far.

Fujimi Takahashi kit
Aoshima SSR MKII
Paint: Tamiya gloss aluminum polsihed with Kosutte Ginsan

All pics are taken by Raees Amien

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Monday, October 17, 2011


Insperational pics Part:2 (IP)
Here are some more from my file-o-pics that i found while browsing. I hope you enjoy.

Not my pics, they are what i found on the interwebs..

I plan to make an exhaust like this for one of my build in the future.

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Saturday, October 15, 2011

Clean and Simple CIVIC

Well with all the Hellaflush and Stancing that is going around in the 1:1  tuner world as well as the scaled world, it's nice to see that the simple and clean look can still be just as appealing. here is a perfect example. the ever popular Honda Civic hatchback is just lowered on stock alloys. interior is stock and no body kit. some tasteful carbon fiber mirrors and just a couple of Mugen decals and you can call it a day. looks good to take a cruise and hit the V-Tec.
fujimi ek4 civic
tamiya peral white
carbon mirrors.
converted to manual
lowered suspension
tail piece added
sunroof flushed

All photos were taken by Raees Amien

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