Saturday, April 28, 2012

Shako.....Oh Wait...Enter Zokusha

Well I decided that with the paint job being a bit more flamboiant it can no longer be just Shakotan. As Shakotan style is usually more subtle or near stock(kyusha) body lines. Zokusha comes from both Bosozoku and Kyusha. Well enough with the talk and onto the pics.

Yeah, just a couple of pics. Hope to have some decals and clear coat on it soon.

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Monday, April 23, 2012

Shakotan Celica Update: Some Paint!

So after debating on what type of paint job I wanted to go with, I decided to go with a bright white base coat and some patterns in baby blue and dark blue. There might be a fourth color, but I am not 100% sure just yet. This style is found mostly bosozoku cars, but you can also find it on some of the shakotan rides as well. These paint schemes are similar to the ones you will find on old and new race cars. Some of the most popular patterns are the Falken tires patterns found on there drift cars and Advan Racing patterns. I think my next build will get the Adavan pattern.

So far I have the white base with pattern "phase 1" in baby blue. It's far from perfect as its the first time I put patterns onto a build. In a couple of days masking for "phase 2" will go on. It's the first time that I add patterns onto any build. I have done two-tones before, but nothing like this so it's far from perfect. There are a couple of spots that need touch up, but not just yet since most of those spots will get covered by the next color.

I know it's only a few pics and the last 2 pics are smaller, thats because I took them with my phone. It's all I had time for. So stay tuned for my next update on my Mark 2.

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Thursday, April 12, 2012

1967 Impala: It's Blue!

Alright, so let me run this down for you real quick. When I first got into building model cars it was due to the LowRider scene. I actually only completed one and the rest were either not done or turned into hoppers/dancers....So lets fast forward to 2012 and I'm at it again. Back to basics I guess.

I am using AMT's 67 Impala Super Sport. It's the "street machine" series with the bright yellow car on the box art. It's a pretty nice kit. Nicely detailed frame, chassis and interior. The only down side was the body details, the window trim was pretty much not there and some flaws on the body lines made it soft. The panel lines needed to be deepened to not lose them in the painting process. I spent about 10 hours on the body alone. Plenty of sanding and trimming, then some more sanding and well, trimming. After all that I primered it with some duplicolor sandable primer to find the scratches. After some more sanding I threw on some Tamiya fine gray primer and it was ready for some real paint. I used Testors one coat De Ja Blue and wet clear gloss right before we got rain, perfect timing. The hood on the other hand, well it's back to square one. I removed the putty that was in the rectangle shaped vent. It wasnt holding up well, it kept cracking. So I am going to fill it in with some styrene, should do the trick. The suspension is set up to be raked up on the front side. The rear is dialed in, but the front required a bit more work. I ended up making some tubular style upper control arms and adding a bit more length to the bottom control arm. I'ts not done, but ya kinda get the idea.

I hope to have more done tonight on the other Projects. You can see my MarkII and Celica peeking in that last pic.

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Friday, April 6, 2012

Celica & MarkII Updates

Here's a small update on my Celica and MarkII.
I was debating on what type of lip spoiler to use, it was either a mild chin type spoiler, a FOHA style or step it up a notch and slap a Jay Leno style chin spoiler...haha, Jay Leno it is...check it out.

It needs a bit of cleaning up along the outer edeges, but so far I'm loving the way it looks.
The MarkII got some bumper work done. I had to fill in some gaps and add a bit of missing details of how the bumpers actuall mount up. The side skirts also gome some putty and styrene treatment to add a bit of flare. The wheel choice was changed as well. The Work Miesters needed too much work to get them the way I want them. So I opted on a set of Aoshima 18" VIP Gartmier wheels with a bit of a change. I used the stretched tires from the work wheels and added extra lip for some more depth.

Thats about it for now. You can see my Impala in the back there, it's primered and ready for some paint...That will be the next update as I have made some goodies for it.

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