Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Zokusha Celica, Impala & Mark2 Update

Today is the day of the Bull, well at least for me it is. It's my 31'st birthday and I'm spending the first half at work...haha gotta make that money..lols So far, so good though. All 3 of my builds have some updates due on here.

First the Celica, it's the one that is coming close to getting done and hopefully before the weekend. I have clear coated, painted the window trims black, added decals to the body, painted the interior, chassis and wheels. I still need to make a muffler for the star and do some detail painting to the interor.

Second is the Impala. This one still has a ways to go but I have applied some BMF to the window trim, lower sills and wheel arches. I only have one picture of this one...so it's like a teaser. Although I have primered the chassis, frame and rear end and painted the some of the interior in a tan color.

Third is the Stanced Mark2. This one so far has been one of my favorite builds cause it's coming along pretty nice and it will be the first build to ever get a paint job with nail polish. So far I have worked on the front bumper(has been puttied since that last pic) and painted some of the suspension parts. The chassis has recieved its coat of paint. It's a teaser to my choice in color, it's called "apple mint" my wife thought it was a nice color and I thought so too. A color like this on a big ass 4 door sedan slammed to the floor should look sick, the only thing now is, what color should I do the interior?? typically it would be a tan color or even black..but I already have done several black interiors, might just go with a darker tan.

That's about it for now. I promise to take more pics of my progress as it's more than I am showing you here. Till next time.

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Monday, May 14, 2012

"RED SKIES" The O.G. Godzilla By: Chris L.

Today I bring what I like to call "RED SKIES" It's the original GODZILLA of the skyline world. The R32 for many of us here in CALI can only wish to own a Skyline(legal maters and money get in the way), no less an R32. It just screams kick ass! Chris Lomenda is not only the builder of this masterpiece, but also owns a real as in life size R32 Skyline which he hopes one day to look as good as it's scaled counterpart. This R32 is based of Tamiya's take on this beast. It comes with an engine that is tastefully done in stock trim. The drive train and suspension set up is one of the best detailed out there. The interior is a bit on the bland side and there might be some other bits that some might not like out of the box.

But thank god Chris likes to think out of the box when it comes to his builds. Not only did he go the extra mile, he went a few dozen extra miles to get this beauty where it's at today. He modified the engine to hold a single turbo big enough to swallow baby birds, fuel rail, fuel pressure regulator, oil filter relocation kit and some braided lines. The intake filter is scratch built along with a plethora of goodies like the brake lines that run along the firewall, the aluminum radiator exhaust system, charge pipes, and the monstrous intercooler chillin behind the front bumper. For wheels, Chris went with a set of Work Meister S1's from Model scientists which he modified to be able to paint the centers the gold color and added chrome lip that you see. The interior itself is a piece of art alone, with original seats being left in, he also added some racing harness belts, roll cage, flocking for carpet and some floor mats which he made himself. Opening doors on any scaled size kit is a skill that can be added to a resume. It takes time and patience to get it right. If the doors do not align or open up smoothly, then your F&%K3D. Not so in this case, hell it even has the door hooks for them to close properly. The door jambs are properly done and the "stock" Tamiya door cars were modded to add some detail and depth to the interior. It's a detail that should not be forgotten if you were to do that to this kit or any kit for that matter.

I can go on and on about this R32, but I would much rather just show you instead.

I hope you have enjoyed this as much as I have.

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Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Backyard Hustler: Victor's S2K

Victor R. AKA: Backyardinc on the MS forum is one big time Honda Enthusiast. He has several scaled Hondas in his mini stable and it's growing. His latest build is a Sheepy inspired S2000. If you haven't heard of Alex "Sheepy" Soto, then hit the Gooogle, Yahoo, or what ever search engine you use. He will pop up. Even though I'm not a Honda guy, but I am a SO CAL native and have heard of Alex....Anyways, we are here to see the 1/24 version of this crazy boosted set up and a clean style that truly rolls around the streets to dominate.

Victor started out with your basic Tamiya curbside kit and turned it into this piece of art. By cutting out the hood and scratch building an entire engine bay and details, he got Model Scientists F20C engine kit and slapped it in there. He didn't take the easy route and just build it stock, instead he went out his way and replicated Sheepy's turbo set up. It's quit the unique set up in 1:1 and no less in 1/24. The interior is really clean, it sports a CUSCO style roll bar and the rest is pretty much factory trim. With a killer stance you need the proper shoes. Rolling stock are a set of BBS  that come really close to the CCW wheels on the 1:1 are coated in the same matt black as well. The paint job is really clean and is a factory matched to the S2K using Duplicolor Perfect Match paints. There is plenty I can say about this build, but instead I'll let Victors pics do the talking.

"HELLO ALL ..............

IT'S FINALLY HERE , my s2000 is done . didnt take to long on this build which is a good thing lol . I was undecided on the route to take . i know i wanted to put an f20c in it fo sho . I saw sheepeys s2000 and i bought some rims that look like CCW's , so i went that route to replicate his s2000 , mainly i wanted to replicate his turbo setup .... he has the AP2 version body , while this model car is the AP1 version .. heres a list of some stuff i used or made ;

~ engine bay scratch built using styrene
~f20c from model scientists
~scratch built turbo setup , using styrene ,milliput , plastic from sprue tree
~used grand national pulley/belt setup
~used grand national alternator and tensioner
~revell rsx pump for water pump
~billet aluminum bits for the oil cap
~scratch built front mount intercooler , i used detail master radiator screen
~cusco roll bar , used styrene tubes
~detail master flock for interior
~tamiya smoke paint to tint the windows
~tamiya GT2 rims ( CCW's )
~aoshima stretch tires
~tamiya GT2 front brakes
~milliput front lip , and side strake
~air jacks , made with styrene
~weathered the chassis
~dupli color perfect match primer and paint
~testors wet look clear coat
~metal tipped muffler tips
~ if i missed anything sorry , lots to list >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>"

I hope that you have enjoyed this boosted mini Sheepy inspired S2K. Stay tunded as Victor has yet another S2K on his bench. Can you say J's Racing??? Enough said.

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