Thursday, December 22, 2011

The Low Down MK2, Another Commisioned Build..

As I said before Raess has been working on a few comissioned builds and heres another one. this time around its a Golf MK2. slammed down to the ground, so that makes it 2 low down ground scrappers.
this one is a more subtle look to it. porsche mesh wheels get this one rolling around, it's different from the MK1 trio he finish up earlier.

So far this make it 3 MK1's and 1 MK2, all he has left of comissioned builds are a Honda Prelude and a Beetle. I'm sure he would be happy to get those out of his hair soon.

"Another commission build . this was done during the mk1 builds so this progress was a bit slower. none the less it is finally done. This is the second lowest car iv done after the kpgc10 skyline"

Specs of the Low Down:
Kit: Fujimi vw mk2
Tamiya light tan with 2k clear
Ferrari seats
Porsche mesh wheels

 All pics belong to Raees Amien

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Friday, December 16, 2011

Lower Than Shakotan?? "Godzilla Is Here"

Holy shit this thing is low! The shakotan style is low, but I think this is an all new "low" for Raees. he built this Hakosuka so low that the exhaust is pretty much non-exsistent(see those little things peeking out of the side), it's grungy, dirty, and damn right sexy.

The body has been weathered, it adornes torn decals as a sign of age, classic front mounted oil cooler and race configuration spoiler, flares and head light covers gives it a vintage race track menace appeal. the interior shares the same grunge as the outside, sporting only one seat for the driver, vintage 3 point roll cage, race style gutting, kevlar dash pad and some wethering on the sheet metal. sorry ladies, this is a single mans car..haha it's rolling stock are a set of SSR MKII's with blue faces to match the decals on the hood, they wraped in some hippari style tires(stretched) to clear the race fender flares. it has all the markings of a highway reflector killer and well speed bumps are not an option with this one.


"So i decided to take a bit of a break from all the commision builds to finish my skyline. this is probably may favourite build. it was really fun trying new techniques. the results i am very happy bwith

"Godzilla's" Specs:
Fujimi takahashi kpgc10 racer
Aoshima SSR MK2 wheels
Aoshima nostalgic seat
Kevlar dash with 'stolen gauge'
Custom weatherd bonnet
Custom damaged exhaust
Colour is a mixture of tamiya silver, chrome powder, weathering set and acrylic paints"

Here chillin with the homies and the sexy silver 510..

All pics are taken by Raees Amien.

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Thursday, December 15, 2011

MK1 Factory Part 2

In part 1 we had a sweet looking black golf on steelies, this time around Raees finished up another Golf in red with some BBS mesh wheels. those 2 along with the silver one from the VW Approved post are all for customers that he has lined up. oh and trust me, theres a couple more on his bench that are for customers as well, they too will be done really soon and will be posted on here as well.

The red one is the last of the trio of MK1 Golfs that he had to build. it's a fairly simple and clean loking Golf. red, lowered, BBS and the factory lip spoiler. looks like it could be a fun ride. knowing Raees, he will most likely build another MK1, hell who knows it might be of his real MK1. 

Enjoy the MK1 Factory

"All the MK1's are finally done. These are all done to customer specifications. enjoy!"
Specs of the V.A.G's:
Silver: Fujimi MK1 kit
Tamiya silver
Aoshima Enkei focus wheels
Interior flocked
Flushed holes
Carbon stripe
Tan and black interior

Matt black: Fujimi MK1 kit
Tamiya matt black
Aoshima steel wheel
Red and black interior
Interior flocked
Flushed holes
Red: Fujimi MK1 kit
Tamiya red with 2k clear
Resin bbs wheels painted tan
Tan and black interior
Interior flocked
Flushed holes

All pics belong to Raees Amien
Stay tuned for more on these commissioned builds that Raees has going on.

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2012 Spot Light Teaser...

2012 is coming right around the corner. whats in store for me hobby wise??? well I hope to get some more building done, come out with a line of tires of my own design for scaled kits and well, just get some building done..lols

Here's a small teaser of a spot light im looking forward to doing in 2012.

Im looking forward to doing this feature. the good man Raees will be snapping some pics of that menacing looking beauty chilling in the dark corner.

Until then, happy building and thanks for looking

Commissind Build, Well half built...By Raess.

Raees has taken in some interesting projects. he has had some people ask hime to build models for them. some box stock with a couple of mods and maybe one of their real car. this Revell 510 was only half built by Raees. the other half to be completed by the customer, which to be honest with you can make or break this already fantastic looking build.

He has painted and built the interior, chassis and engine. he also added some details like spark plug wires, some weathering on the chassis and the small details in the interior. the wheels are aoshima SSR MKIII's on some super low profile tires with a stance that looks quit menacing.

Well, I can only hope the customer lays down a nice paint job. if possible, I might be able to have an update on that once it happens.

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Friday, November 25, 2011

MK1 Factory PT:1

Raees has been working on some more MK1 Golf's for customers. Its calle the MK1 Factory and so far he has 2 going at the same time. one is a flat black with chrome steelies and the second one is going to be red. as of 2 days ago, he finished the black one and I think it came out pretty sweet. he is now working on the red one.

And here it is done.

"I was finally able to finish the matt black mk1. This was a fairly quick build. I am qute pleased with the outcome."
Fujimi mk1
Aoshima steel wheels
Red interior
Matt black paint
Smoothed out body

All pics were taken by Raees Amein.

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Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Been a while...

Well its been a couple of weeks since the last post. we ended up moving on Halloween weekend, started saturday morning and ended tuesday evening when I turned in the keys to the ex-landlord. it was a tough 4 days! but we managed to get the hell out of that dump.
It's almost 2 weeks in the new place and we are very happy to be here. it's bigger, it's nicer and best of all it's safer than the last place. we have several neighbors that are or were in law enforcement and a fire fighter. only thing missing is the "couger" looking for the young "cubs" hahaa kidding...

So today as I was roaming around on the web. I bumped into a blogsite from japan. there are a few guys that build model cars and have some sweet looking rides. 

These are just from one guy, but it's some major inspiration for me to get my work station up and going so I can get some unfinished business done. he has a pretty clean building style and has some build inspired by the HellaFlush scene from here in Cali.

Enjoy the pics.

Heres a link to his blog, it's in Japanese, so a bit of help from a translation software would be good.

So after all this, I think I am ready to hit the bench. stay tuned and thanks for stopping by.