Thursday, July 26, 2012

Pit Stop: Kenmeri Skyline, A Classic Beauty

The C110 Skyline is an iconic classic. It is also know as the "Ken & Mary" or Kenmeri Skyline. Named after it's characters from television ads that ran for two years. This skyline was also the last one to participate in the motorsports circuit until the BNR32 came out. The C110 also has several different cult following styles, from original, to the wild bosozoku, shakotan and kyusha-kai mods.

Thomas, AKA Tami on the SPC forum has taken the Rocky Auto Japan route and built his C110 kit as an "Unmolested" Skyline. Using Fujimi's version which has no eninge bay details, even though it does come with an engine, Tami took it to the next level and opened the hood and added those missing details. With an entirely scracth built engine bay, what would it be with out any extra bits like the hood prop, the hood latch spring. The wheels of choice are the classic Watanabe's. No extreme widths or offsets here, they are kept close to what the stock steelies would have been. The paint job is a bit of a newer touch with its metal flakes and ultra high shine. The interior stays factory stock. Under the hood lies the S20 twin cam with triple carbs, it's what makes this GT-R move effortlessly in the streets of Japan.

Here are a few words from Tami.

"A few things about my "unmolested" Classic Beauty

Kit: Fujimi Nissan Skyline 200 GT-R KPGC110 DX (ID-121) with PE parts
Paint: Mr Hobby Metallic red airbrushed, Mr Hobby Gloss Clear spray can
Wheels: The kit came with 2 sets of wheel these are the optional wheels
Engine: in-line 6 cylinder S20 (included the kit)
Scratch built part: engine bay was mostly scratch build, also made some changes on the interior (there was no legroom and pedals)

The kit comes with full engine but the engine bay is very poorly detailed and designed. If you want a nice OOB build on this kit you have to forget about showing the engine. After cutting the hood it needs a lot of scratch build to make it look good. Also there are some fitment problems with the glass, the bumpers, mirrors and the exhaust. I'm not sure what Fujimi was thinking, they made it very hard to enjoy the progress but, it is a nice model, and a great challenge to build for sure. Wouldn't recommend for beginners though!

Some facts about the car:
NISSAN Skyline GT-R (C110) S20 (1972 - 1973) Description & History: The second generation of the Nissan Skyline GT-R was short-lived due to the early 1970's gas crisis that ended demand for performance cars. The car was launched at the 1972 Tokyo Motor Show and in terms of power it featured the same in-line 6 cylinder S20 engine from the first Skyline GT-R generation. On the visual side of it, the second generation (also known as C110) featured minor aesthetic changes as well as few aerodynamic added parts. Only 197 units were made and they were sold exclusively on the Japanese domestic market."

I hope you have enjoyed looking at Tami's take on a classic beauty.

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