Saturday, July 21, 2012

Pit Stop: The Black Pearl, More Than Just A Myth...

DAYUM, is just one word that I can come up with after looking at David Zin's black RX7, FD3S. This one does not rock your typical fire spitting boosted Rotary, NO this packs a kick and a donkey punch to the dome. Dave is from Triangle, Virginia and I have come to wonder what do they put in the water over there??. This Tamiya RX7 kit was originally used for it's already potent rotary on another project. Now it rocks an angry looking supercharged LS9 from the Revell Corvette kit. The hoodless beast spits it flames through a Y'ed exhaust piping out of a "lobster tail" stlye tiped muffler. It rolls on my favorite set of shoes, The Kranze LXZ wrapped in some lo-pro Pegasus tires that were modded to his likings. The metallic black paint on the body and faces of the wheels combined with dark gray lips give it the menacing look of a ship ready to take on anything that comes looking for trouble.

 The Black Pearls Specs:

 Tamiya RX-7 R1
Aoshima Kranze LXZ's, metallic black centers with dark grey lips, reshaped Pegasus 19" non-directional tires
Tamiya's metallic black paint
Revell ZR-1 kits supercharged LS9 hooked to the stock RX-7 trans
stock chassis modified for stance and camber, Nissan Skyline Z-tune brakes
parts box Bride seat for the driver and steering wheel from the Aoshima GT-C RX-7 kit, rear package tray covered in carbon fiber decal and Apexi decal with NISMO Z-tune shock adjustment knobs

scratchbuilt Y-pipe for the exhaust and lobster tail tip for the muffler and scratchbuilt intake tube with a Scale Dreams K&N filter at the end. the rear wing is the Ings upgrade from Tamiya

"honestly i have no idea how much time was spend in it's construction. it was just one of those projects that you just have fun building and the time just passes. inspiration came from a red hoodless RX-7 with a Supra engine swap and a white slammed and cambered RX-7 from Japan that i saw online. the name "the Black Pearl" came from my interest in pirate stuff and the "Pirates of the Carribean" movies."

I'm absolutely sure that this is one that you wouldnt want in your rear view mirror, now would ya??

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