Monday, July 2, 2012

Finished Projects: Zokusha Celica & Stanced MarkII

So I am proud to announce that I finished 2 projects and in the same year mind you...lols I have a hard time getting projects done with in a short time frame. I managed to get 2 of them done with in 4 months. Takes me back to the years when I would have 3-4 projects going on at the same time, well I was only a teen trying to stay out of trouble. Now I only get the night hours to build and what ever free/alone time I get.

First I'll start with the Celica. It has influences from the bosozoku and kyusha styles from Japan. The paint job is a pattern often seen on bosozoku cars. Multicolors and decals add to the infulence of the silohuette racers of the past. I chose the Fujitsu Ten decals from a race Mark III Supra. The star shape exhaust is another styling que from the boso and some shakotan cars. Lowered stance(Shakotan) is a must, along with some Oni-Kyan (demon camber) to tuck in those deep offset SSR Shadow spoke wheels. Usually you would see a wild body mod like huge over fenders to house those wide wheels, but opted to stay in the kyusha (original) state of mind and just made an over sized front air dam to match the star shaped exhaust pipe and race inspired oil cooler hanging out front. The interior stayed fairly stock and mild. It just rocks a pair of AE86 front seats, shifter boot with long crystal knob and a pair of old school Pioneer TS-X11's on the rear deck.

Now the MarkII got done as well. The guy over in Japan are now loving the Stance and Hellaflush movement that is currently going on here in the U.S. Although its a trend that's been going on for decades, it's new image of deep and wide wheels being pushed to the limits of OEM body lines has gotten even more extreme than its past trend setters. Stance is the style I went with on this one.

I built this one for a contest on the Model Scientists forum. The contest was meant to be a 3 month time frame, but the admin decided to give us another month. And good thing too, I was like half done when the 3rd month came around. haha. The body kit was slightly altered to give it a lower meane stance. The rear suspension was slightly lowered and given some more camber, as for the front, just some more camber was needed as the hieght was just right. The paint color is Mint Apple or just mint green. It's a nail polish that my significant other chose out of the line up. Not a bad choice either. I had some issues with it at first, but that was due to my airbrush not having a needle big enough to give me a bigger spray pattern. I also couldn't find all the parts needed to use the bigger needle. Luckily my badger 350 single action airbrush stepped up to the plate and gave me the chance to lay down the color. For the clear I used Testors one coat gloss once again. I think I love this paint. Although you need more than one coat, it comes out nice and shiney. For wheels I went with some Gartmiers with a deeper offset. Gloss black face with aluminum polished lips. The interior also stayed mild. It has a pair of Recaro seats and a momo style steering wheel.

Specs: Zokusha Celica
Kit: Aoshima Grand Champ V.1
Wheels: Aoshima Kai SSR Shadow Spoke, Alclad Airframe Aluminum with Tamiya Titanium Gold centers wrapped in Hippari tires
Paint: Tamiya Pure White, Brilliant Blue and Light Blue
Interior: 80's Blue from Duplicolor ninyl paint with dark blue flocking on rear deck and carpet, Aoshima AE86 seats  and shift boot, Aoshima Kai "crystal knob shifter and Pioneer TS-X11 deck speakers.
Exhaust: Star Shape Pipe from Bosozoku accessories kit painted duplicolor Fire red and weathered with citadel black was and tamiya soot and oil stain weathering kit.
Exterior: OEM fender mirrors, yellow tint head light housing, Boso style front air dam, Race decals and grand champ/kyusha decals, external mount oil cooler

Specs: Stanced MarkII
Kit: Aoshima Formula D1 WELD Racing
Wheels: Aoshima Gartmiers with deep lips wrapped in MS Corp hippari stretch tires. Centers painted in Alclad Gloss black with Alclad Polished Aluminum lips
Paint: Mint Apple Green nail polish shot through airbrush, Testors One Coat Gloss
Exhaust: OEM muffler and piping with styrene tube for tip, painted in Alclad Stainless Steel
Exterior: WELD Racing body kit, front bumper and sideskirts were modded to be lower to the ground, BMF chrome on window and door trim, front mount intercooler.

Thanks for stopping by. Now on to the other dozen projects I have in progress.

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