Monday, June 25, 2012

Updates On My Projects

As usual I seem to leave the updates on my projects last. I try my best to keep this spot up to date, but life just gets in the way of doing so.

The Celica has some chassis detailing done and sits on it's wheels now. First I started by modding a cross member from a Fujimi Ae86. I cut off the oil pan and splash guard details adjusted the arms and got a better looking member than what it had. Then I lightly weathered the chassis with the Tamiya weathering sets and a bit of a black wash from Citadel paints. The tail lights were painted with Tamiya clear red sprayed through my airbrush. I have also been working on the interior. I flocked the rear deck and carpet area with some flocking powder from Michaels art store. The seats were taken from aoshima AE86 kit that I "dirtied" a little using the citadel wash. I also used the shifter boot and gauge cluster decal. Im using the shifter from the Aoshima Kai wheel sets. They come with some extra parts and one of them are the clear shift knobs that come in different lengths and designs. I also used some Pioneer TS-X11 speakers, yeah old school beats..I'm a Wu Tang Clan fan, so thats what I'll be bumping..lols

Now, the Mark II has been getting some love as well. I mentioned that it's for an online contest on the Model Scientists forum. Well the deadline is this saturday...I'm pushing myself to finish it on time. I lagged it a bit on this one, but it's getting really close to being done. Now I'm thinking "damn, is it possible? I'm actually going to finish not only one, but 2 models this year??" of course it will be more than 2, but I'll save that for later.. I painted the details on the chassis which consist of the molded in engine, transmission and exhaust. The front and rear suspension is glue in place, which can only mean that my Stance is locked in. Rotors were painted with titanium silver and titanium gold. The calipers were done in transparent yellow. The chassis still needs a couple of parts to call it done, but they are on the way to being glued in place. The interior parts were painted in tan. I'll be using some Recaro seats. I printed up some plaid pattern decals that I hope will work. if not then maybe next time. Now, the body has recieved it's final putty call and has been sprayed in mica silver from Tamiya. I tried to find the .5mm set for my Iwata airbrush, but had no luck on finding the last part needed to use it. So I wipped out my Badger 350 and got the large tip out and went to town with. Unfortuantely I was asked by the dude running the contest to leave that update till saturday...ooooh the suspense...lmao.

My 67 Impala is just chillin and waiting to get done...lols how ever I did chrome up the frame using Alclad II gloss black base and chrome. It came out good for my first time using chrome the proper way. I also sprayed some of the interior tan from duplicolor vinyl paints. I person it looks just like vinyl..

Thats about it for today. I'll be getting back to work on these tonight, so I hope to have some more later on.

Thanks for stopping by.

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