Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Enter The Lions Den: Victor's J's Racing S2000 AKA "Lion Heart"

Today I bring you another S2000 built by member Victor AKA Backyardinc on the forums. This time around he has built a J's Racing inspired version. This one is partaking in a contest on the Model Scientists forum. The contest is called "StanceWars". Pretty much the name says it all.

Victor has taken another Tamiya Honda S2K and has made a masterpiece, artwork in static motion...haha if that makes sense.. There is a long list of many scratchbuilt parts on this one. The J's Racing front bumper and fenders are just one of the many that stand out. OEM strakes and rear fender flares add to the already aggressive front bumper. Underneath the open hood lyes the heart of this lion, an LS2 out of a Corvette. It looks as if it belongs in there. A wild zebra pattern adorns the engine bay along with some Samco style radiator hoses. The brake master and clutch master cylinders and booster are extra details as well. Lets take a peek at the interior, Mugen style roll cage-check, kevlar bucket seats-check, oh look a skateboard for cruising around. Take a closer look and you'll see a Go-pro camera and a carbon kevlar Password JDM center consol. Honestly, I can go on forever on the attention to detail, but I'm not. I'll let the pictures and the details list do all the talking from here.

"This tamiya Honda S2000 was built for a contest , called "stancewars" , ends in a few days on june 30 , 2012 . This WAS A GREAT CHALLENGE , not only to build something that can have a chance of winning , but to do so much scratch building , finding parts , paint process , in 4 months time , for me , that was insane . The project is finished and I am more than happy with it . I had my ups and downs with this project . Here is a list of stuff scratch built or put on the project :


=scratch built J's Racing front bumper
=scratch built J's Racing front fenders
=tamiya epson nsx mirrors , shortened
=tamiya epson nsx tow hook
=scratch built OEM honda s2000 side strake
=scratch built ASM rear fender flares
=tamiya epson nsx vent custom made to hood
=scratch built engine bay
=corvette motor mated to S2000 tranny
=scalemotorsports ZEBRA decal used for bay
=misc brake master cylinder,booster,clutch master cylinder
=short radiator , able to tuck under radiator support
=SAMCO camo radiator hoses , scratch built
=corvette intake box
=scalemotorsports carbon kevlar for the whole project
=chassis is box stock with paint detail
=scratch built exhuast pipes added to s2000 mufflers
=rims from tamiya calsonic R33 nissan skyline
=F1 style lug nut scratch built
=tires , resin version replica of aoshima stretch tires
=tamiya epson nsx front calipers , added to stock s2000 front rotors
=custom muffler tips
=MUGEN full roll cage
=racing seats with carbon kevlar backs
=PASSWORDJDM center console cover carbon kevlar
=carbon kevlar radio cover
=tamiya calsonic r33 digital race cluster , carbon kevlar
=carbon kevlar mirror from tamiya calsonic r33
=fujimi type r steering wheel
="knife" shift knob scratch built
=GoPro camera with stand scratch built
=matching scratch built skateboard
=fuzzi fur for carpet (flocking)
=techdecks skateboard , used stickers from there for windshield "finesse"

I think thats all , hopefully I didnt mess anything ...... this is also my first car I polished/buffed............. here you guys go ..."

This has got to be on of my favorite S2K built to date. I hope to see some more from Victor really soon. Just to throw it out there for the people in the East Coast near Jersey. Victor has a Diversified Scalerz model car meet happening in August. Check out the posting on MS forum.
It should be a good one to attend.

Thanks for stopping by.